How to Apply Eye Secrets

Today I'm going to show you how to use the eye secrets they're really easy to
use and they create an instant wide-awake look to your eye also I'll be showing you how to apply your makeup over the top so we start with the eye secrets.

How to Apply Eye Secrets

I'm going to apply them to a clean eyelid and you just lift the packaging like that and remove the
adhesive strip we start by applying the adhesive strip so if you just raise the eyebrow and you can see there's a straight line across the adhesive strip and it's like a Halfmoon shape so I'm
going to put the straight line across the crease of the eyelid and this acts as a support and it helps give that more wider weight looking if you just open your eyes for me Jane you can see the instantly you've created more of an eyelid there really varies from individuals to where you place these but
anywhere between the socket line and slightly underneath and if you just open Jane you can see instantly that there's more eyelid there

Okay I'm going to show you how to actually apply your eyeshadow over the eye secrets my top tip
is to almost imagine that they're not there I'm just going to dab the eyeshadow over the eye secret using a brush and then you can just go ahead and apply your favorite makeup and what is really exciting about these is if you didn't have that much eyelid space before all of a sudden you're left with
all this space so you can create lots of different dramatic looks so just going to put some mascara so again if you just look down towards that cheekbone for me you can see how easy it is to apply your
makeup over the top so you'll again you just continue as you would with your normal makeup routine
and there you have a lovely natural daytime look okay I'm now going to show you how to create an evening look again you just treat the eye as you would as if you weren't actually wearing the eye
secrets you can see I'm actually blending over the I secrets and they don't come off they stay in place for a whole day I'm going to use glitter actually which goes to show you can use any product and
there we have lovely sexy sultry eyes

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