Eyelid Twitching? Find out why...

Hey guys Dr. Burg here in this video we're going to talk about twitching underneath the left eyelid now sometimes it's on the right

eyelid twitching

Occasionally it's on the arm sometimes it's on your nose sometimes on your lip so what is behind this whole twitching thing it's called tetany really it's a problem with a certain mineral and there's a nerve that comes out through here up underneath the eyelid right there it's called the facial nerve and
then this deficiency shows up at the end of that nerve and it's really hypocalcemia which is basically low calcium

It's a calcium deficiency but my whole question is why why are you deficient in calcium this doesn't make sense. You know if you're eating healthy which I'm sure you are well let's let's look at the common causes of low calcium.
Number one it's high phosphorus that's the opposite mineral so phosphorus is usually in a lot of meats and things like that and it also you'd have to eat a lot of eating probably like be on the Atkins for a
long time to actually have that but more likely it's more sodas it's like so does like cokes and things like that or Pepsi with all that phosphoric acid that would do this right here it also

Number two it could be a low parathyroid now that's rare there's a gland on your neck right around your thyroid is called the parathyroid if there's a low parathyroid that can create this problem rare but it can happen low back museum could create this problem but the most common cause is alkalosis that means your body is too alkaline now let me explain this because
when I talk of a page there's a whole bunch of confusion it's like what pH are you talking about I'm talking about the blood pH normally when your blood is too alkaline and let me just explain normally a pH should be alkaline in a very narrow range c is neutral when you go higher it's too alkaline when you go lower than  its acid so the blood operates on . to . that's the narrow band of range that it must be in so your body will do everything to keep that range really really tight so anything higher and . its higher that's to Auckland this is considered alkalosis so what happens when your pH is too alkaline
the calcium no longer becomes free it binds with the protein in your blood called albumin so basically it locks up the calcium okay so you need an acidic or not even an insect you need the right pH in your body or that calcium doesn't move okay now it's true that it's the stomach if your stomach is not acid
enough - you're not going to pull the calcium in - that's why people with an alkaline stomach
they have calcium issues and the way you would know if you have an alkaline stomach as I've talked about in the other videos is do you have heartburn

GERD acid reflux that means you don't have enough acid okay so guess we'll take a wild guess what we're going to recommend for the remedy for an alkalosis apple cider vinegar okay would come all come back to the outside of vinegar take a tablespoon of water drink that boom the twitches go
right away then you start absorbing calcium because it's already in your body typically you just can't assimilate it. If you don't like upside the vinegar you can take them in tablets as well I put a link below now why do you have an alkaline out over the excessive alkaline blood that's the question right what causes alkalosis well a couple things taking diuretics will do it number two vomiting will do it number three diarrhea will do it also high cortisol from the adrenal so an overactive adrenal which is stress will cause your body and I'll show you in this book this is CIPA Frank neder page

Okay right here the H+ you lose H+ that means you lose acids in chemistry if you
remember taking chemistry the H+ is basically in so basically pH means the the power of the hydrogen ion or basically how acids something is so that's when you lose this with a high level of stress okay and then you can see your body becomes too alkaline so it's alkalosis right here okay so
basically stress makes you more alkaline not more acid and this is a confusion a lot of people have so that's why we the outside of vinegar works so good for stress and calcium absorption that type
of thing now you could like I said I mentioned the acids in the stomach too but typically the twitching is a stress situation and we think about when people under stress where they start doing the start twitching right that's because they're dumping all this wonderful acid and then you start getting twitch now the question is why is it Anna left why do you get this little left twitch right here I don't know I have no idea sometimes it's on the right side sometimes it's on the arm sometimes on your leg I have no idea but the point is that you can use this as a little red little red flag a little indicator light to tell your tell your body that you need more acid.

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