Double Eyelid Surgery Recovery in Seoul, Korea

So we're about to head out I look
super super tired still and my skin
condition has never looked worse but
it's about to get even worse.

double eyelid surgery

so I just finished my consultation was
actually super super quick I don't even
think it took more than ten minutes
probably so um I also got my blood drawn
so my band-aids right there and also
during the consultation my doctor used a
pen and a toothpick and he kind of
marked where he thought I wanted the lid
so he first went to the middle and then
he went really low and then he went like
really high so we decided to go with the
middle option because um when it was
really low it just it looked like a mono
lid but when I was like too high it just
looked completely unnatural so we went
just right here which is perfect

hi guys I just finished my surgery so
I'll just give like a quick summary of
what happened around one o'clock they
invited me into the surgery room and
then they injected me I think like two
needles but I don't quite remember what
they were the one that I do remember was
the anesthetic one but it was supposed
to make me sleep but I was like
panicking I was literally shaking I was
just too panicked to sleep but then I
don't know maybe I just crashed but it
was like immediately I just fell asleep
and I just confused I was seeing all
different colors I was like floating or
something but anyway what I what I kind
of gained consciousness again if there
was people already operating on me I
feel like they spent most of their time
doing this I like my thought on that is
that maybe I was just completely asleep
when they were operating on this and I
haven't really seen my eyes yeah I'm
assuming this one is more bruised than
this one

definitely not looking my best today
it's very red which is a little
disturbing but I am happy because I can
officially eat food after like a -hour
fast I can't officially drink water
after not being able to drink for like
eight hours at least
I don't look happy but trust me on the
inside I'm I'm pretty happy one of my
life goals just got accomplished so hell
yeah cheers to that
cheers with water hi so I'm back at my
hotel and I'm enjoying a Korean-style
lunch the goal is to be swell as much as
possible and not eat too spicy food too
salty food just avoid the extremes so
yeah we got some purple rice some beef
some I haven't tried this yet so I can't
tell you what it is I don't know what
see there some salad of some sort and
some side dishes and this is a soup yep
this is my lunch and then yeah of course
pumpkin juice and then we got some
pumpkin porridge too hey guys it's like
 a.m. right now and I can't sleep
because jetlag I like as soon as I got
back to the hotel and as soon as I
finished dinner I just like snoozed away
so I've pretty much slept for like I
think over eight hours already so good
morning I think the swelling has gone
down a little bit I can open my eyes
better and I've also noticed that this
eye is recovering a little slower than
and I think that's because like I said
earlier and during the surgery I felt
like he was spending more time on this I
than this I just it completely went over
my head yesterday I forgot to talk about
pain during the surgery
of course they gave you anesthetics but
it hurt like I could feel them you could
feel them pick up your skin you could
feel them like burn your skin with like
the laser cutter on a scale from one to
ten I guess it would be like a four hey
guys so today um I went back to the
clinic and I got an IV so um I think it
was a disinfecting IV oh by the way I'm
eating some bread
I got an IV and I got a laser treatment
on my eyes so they just shine like a red
light over my eyes for ten minutes and
it was supposed to disinfect my area
today I was walking around all day and
it was a lot of work but my translator
told me that the more you walk around
the more you get up and be active the
faster it D swells and also she said to
drink lots of water so you flush out the
toxins so that's what I've been doing
and I've also been drinking tons of
pumpkin juice hello today is day three
after surgery and today we're gonna go
shopping in Myeongdong so here's a
check-up on my eyes they are
significantly less swollen from day one
I'm not gonna deny it's still pretty red
it's still pretty bad this part looks a
little scary but I've noticed that the
swelling has actually moved away from
the eyes and kind of moved to my cheeks
and this is normal according to my
translator she said that when the
swelling goes away it's gonna move down
the face so right now the swelling is
right here on my cheeks it looks super
puffy and also on my nose I feel like
there's a lot of swelling here also the
tape I don't know why this tape is still
here I don't know what purpose it serves
yesterday when I got the IV they didn't
change it and they didn't take it off so
this is still the same tape from day one
and it's not sticking to my eyes anymore
so I just I feel like they're kind of
useless but I was told to not mess with
them so here they are still on my face
hey guys it is day four after surgery I
feel like the swelling around my nose
has gone down a lot like oh my god I
have somewhat of a nose again I've also
noticed that there's definitely some
yellowness going on here in here I also
feel like the swelling has moved down my
face a little bit more so now it's more
over here rather than like up here and
around the nose I actually went back to
the clinic today to get another IV and
to get another laser eye treatment thing
I think this clinic does a really good
job of aftercare I know most clinics
just do the surgery and then give you
some gel and some medicine so in two
days I will get my stitches out and that
is just the stitches on the double
eyelids not the inner corners and then I
think after four days will be the day we
leave Korea and that will also be the
day I get my inner corner stitches out
this is what the lids are looking like
and here is it with the eyes closed hey
guys it is day five after surgery and it
is the morning right now before there
was some kind of asymmetry between my
eyes where this I was a little higher
than this eye but I feel like as of
today they're pretty even in my opinion
so here's them open and here's them
closed the obvious thing here is the
yellowing around my eyes have gotten
much worse yeah also weird thing is
since coming to Korea I haven't had any
breakouts which is weird because I
usually break out like once or twice a
week it's really often and since coming
to Korea I haven't even like properly
washed my face because I can't I haven't
done any of my skin care routine steps
like nothing and my skin is like doing
better than ever
and so my conspiracy is that the Korean
government releases skincare into the
so Koreans generally have better skin
that's my conspiracy because damn I mean
my skin wasn't great to begin with but
like this is much better than my skin in
the United States hey guys today I got
my stitches removed and actually my
nurse said that my inner corners were
healed enough to have stitches in inner
corners removed today as well so the
healing is technically two days ahead of
schedule so this is really good so um I
also got the tape removed thank god I
hated the tape so much overall I'm
really really satisfied with the results
I still have three more days in Korea
two more days in Korea so we're gonna do
some more things but I think tomorrow is
the first day I can go out without
sunglasses on hey guys so tonight is our
last night in Korea tomorrow we are
leaving Korea at like  p.m. we're
flying back to China and then after a
few days in China we're flying back home
so a little update on my eyes they are
doing really really well and I'm super
super happy with my results today I went
back to the clique and I met with my
doctor again he looked at my eyes and
you told me that my surgery went really
really well and I was really happy to
hear that
so yeah actually I think my experience
with the clinic that I went to was super
super nice I would want to present
recommend and it's not sponsored by the
way but yeah as far as swelling I feel
like it is finally socially acceptable
to go out without sunglasses on a little
sad note but I've actually this whole
week I've just been out and about in
Korea with sunglasses on and I actually
have really terrible visions so my view
of Korea has been super dark and blurry
and so I really wish I can come back to
Korea next time and like wear contacts
so I can like fully experience Korea as
far as my eyes I don't want to mess with
them according to the Internet you are
not supposed to apply anything really
directly on your eyes until  to  weeks
after surgery because that is when
they're pretty much all sealed like the
little wound is sealed other than that I
think I'm gonna start doing
skincare again cuz I've been putting
that on hold all week yeah so I have a
little break out here just yesterday I
was like Korea is improving my skin and
then the next day I break out so I
bought so many skin care products so
definitely gonna use them all hi guys I
think it's day  after surgery I'm in
China now I don't think I was able to
vlog that much yesterday or at all but
it was basically a whole day of
traveling so I was pretty busy and
pretty tired at the end of the day but
here are my eyes now um I'm so surprised
by how fast they healed there is still
definitely yellowing and like bruising
here here but all of the redness and my
eyes are now gone so hear them closed
and here my eyes open I will be doing a
review of the clinic that I went to next
week and I will also be doing a Q&A; in
that same video so like if you have any
questions about anything along the
process just feel free to ask in the
comments so I'll answer them but I guess
this will technically conclude my Korea
vlog thanks for watching and see you
next week with the reviews

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