7 Eyebrow Hacks You Need To Know

Hey guys it's Tina here welcome back to my channel today's hack episode is all about brows if you didn't have time to get your brows wax professionally or if you hate tweezing them because it's
painful and you go red here's a hack for you.

Eyebrow Hacks

You can use a little facial razor to clean up your brows all you have to do is place the facial blade on its side and run it across your skin softly what about trimming your eyebrows.
Do you guys do that I do that because my brows grow downwards and they get pretty long so I
have to trim them now. A hack for that is you can use a pair of curved scissors because it's curved you'll actually make it easier to trim your eyebrows and keep the shape nice and clean this next hack I have for you is great for those of you who have really dark eyebrows and a lighter hair so they don't match basically you can use in eyebrow mascara in a light brown or a lighter color to match your hair color and you just run that across your brow hairs back and forth just to coat them and as that will
help lighten them without actually bleaching them what about if you have really sparse brows and missing patches

I've got a really good hack for you I purchased a pack of eyebrow extensions off eBay and this one matches my natural eyebrow color using a bit of eyelash glue I'm going to apply the extensions
onto the sparse areas of my eyebrow this step can be a little bit tedious but the end result is amazing can you guys see the difference

so maybe the eyebrow extensions aren't for you and it's a bit too much to do and you're happy just to fill your eyebrows in it's important to know if you golden triangle rule now the guideline is the side of your eyebrows should line up with the side of your nose the arch of your eyebrows should line up with the side of your nose going across to your pupil that should be the highest point and the end should line up with the side of your nose and the end of your eye now this is just a guideline and you obviously have to work with the natural shape of your eyebrows but it will help you when filling your
eyebrows in hands up those of you who like the faded Instagram eyebrow I know
a lot of people do so the best way to get that is when you're filling your eyebrows in start at the center of your brows and draw small strokes once you're done filling in the body of the brow grab a clean flat brush and you're going to want to blend the color forward to the start of your brows if this will
help give you that really nice gradient effect where your eyebrows fade from light to dark and it's really simple how to do this last hack I have for you will help tame those crazy brows if you have
any instead of using brow gel to hold your hairs into place you can use some hairspray all you do is grab a clean mascara one that this is a disposable one and spray a bit of a hairspray onto the wand then you're just go in and brush the brows into place this hack will help tame your brows and keep them in place all day so that's it - this hack of sewed make sure you check out some of my previous hack videos also remember to Like share and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already and
I'll speak to you guys next time

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